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The brand Myosutra, started in 2017, by banker turned Entrepreneur Roshni Mukherjee is a true labour of love to celebrate the mystic wonder of womanhood. The name of the brand itself comes from a Nichiren Buddhism incantation “nam myo renge kyo.” The logo of the brand is inspired from the Durga Chalchitra.  Roshni a saree connoisseur herself, had an indelible passion for Indian fashion and upholding her culture to the Asian diaspora in the United Kingdom.

Since 2017, the brand has been consciously championing the Indian craftsmanship and heritage through the sarees and ethnic wear for both women and men. ( and now for kids too!!)

Initially the brand aimed to reach out to the Asian diaspora in the UK, but in a very short span it became a global brand. Even Indians started  buying from her due to the excellent quality and the customer services provided during the cycle of purchase. The brand now has 25,000 followers on Facebook and 9,000 followers on Instagram.

Aside from selling women’s ethnic wear, the brand provides complete customisations like stitching blouses, providing colour-co-ordinated  accessories to match. That’s not all; the brand also has exclusive men’s ethnic wear collection. The brand has also come up with exciting kids ethnic wear with concepts like, superman dhoti kurta, shohoj path saree, abol tabol panjabi, and so on to get the future generation close to their roots.

The brand had launched a unique ” Swap the saree”  campaign where it transformed the old sarees into gown, jacket, and dresses. It has been the official sponsor for Mrs. India UK 2020 and sponsors of many other significant events.

The brand carries out strict quality checks and boasts of a high customer satisfaction rate and is favourite among many celebrities in India and abroad.