Nostalgia in Twelve Yards

by myosutra

“Read loudly so that I can hear you from the kitchen!” It is difficult to find a Bengali who have not heard these words from their mothers during the early school days, especially during those times when primary education in a middle class Bengali household was primarily a mother’s job.

Memoires of those silent summer evenings in Kolkata made succulent with the rhythmic sound of reciting ‘Shohoj Paath’ or the ‘Bangla Bornomala’ looms heavy in the memories of Myosutra CEO and London based fashion designer Roshni Mukherjee.

Nostalgia have always been one of the many sources of artistic expression, and in this case is the inspiration behind Myosutra’s ‘Shohoj Paath’ saree and kurta collection, due to be launched in February 2022, during the auspicious festival of Saraswati Puja.

Roshni said: “The idea behind creating the Shohoj-Paath series which will also have a representation of the Bengali Barnomala, is to familiarise the next generation of British Asian diaspora with Tagore’s Shohoj Path which is a part of a Bengali’s life. It is also a humble attempt to familiarise the Bengali bornomala to the younger second generation about Bengal and its culture.”

The ‘Shohoj Paath’ saree by Myosutra is a picturesque representation of the literature created by Tagore for young Bengalis and is a walk down memory lane through twelve yards of pure nostalgia. The ‘basanti’ or yellow base of these saree and kurtas make them a must-wear on the day of Saraswati Puja, in keeping with the Bengali tradition of wearing yellow on the day of worshipping the Goddess of Education.

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