Wear Black on Makar Shankranti

by myosutra

Makar Shankranti, the very mention of the day brings water to the sweet-tooths of Bengal and most other cities of India for all those savouries that make you rush back home from work. While people in Bengal celebrate it as Poush Shankranti, people in Punjab celebrate it as Lohri, and the Tamilians call it Pongal, however, the essence remains the same. It is a day to mark the beginning of spring.
As during any celebrations across India, people adorn themselves in colourful clothes to celebrate the day. However, people in Maharashtra walk a different path- they wear black clothes on Makar Shankranti. Though the context might sound religious or customary, the reason for wearing black on Makar Shankranti is pure science.
Being the last day of winter, this day can turn out to be the coldest day of the entire season as the sun starts its northern journey. Since black is a colour that absorbs heat, people wear it to keep warm. 
London-based designer Roshni Mukherjee and the owner of the brand Myosutra said: “Comfort is one of the foremost factors in fashion, as is colour. Maharashtrians wear black on Makar Shankranti to stay warm. This can be a trend that you can adopt this year while visiting your grandparent’s house for pitthe. If your grandmother gets annoyed; you can always explain the science. Trust me, she’ll understand and be happy to know that her grandchildren are comfortable.”

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